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One of the most important considerations when planning your wedding day should be your wedding travel. You might have bagged your dream wedding dress or got your name down on the most exclusive of wedding venues, but this would have been all in vain if your wedding ride doesn’t arrive.

Credit crunched wedding planning might favour taking a large chunk out of your wedding car budget, but are you being realistic in your choice of wedding car supplier? This year many wedding car businesses will struggle, many could even disappear altogether as the crunch bites harder. So it might be worth looking again at your choice of wedding car supplier. The first consideration should not be price. Sure, you can drive a hard bargain, but if you have several quotes for similar cars, and one of them is significantly cheaper – beware. Most wedding car businesses operate on similar pricing models. If they have invested many thousands of pounds in wedding cars, they know they have to charge a certain amount just to stay afloat. In bad times they might even have to charge more as the number of jobs they do reduces, their operating costs will not lessen as well. Their largest overhead is the cost for the vehicle, if they do one or one hundred jobs a year, this cost remains the same. So be warned, if that wedding car quote seems to good to be true, it probably is!

Getting value from your wedding car hire

Many wedding car suppliers will throw in free wedding ribbons, but when you are negotiating with them why not see if they can throw in a free bottle of Champagne for your wedding hire? Conversely, if they offer complimentary Champagne already, and you and your fiancee are not great bubbly drinkers see if they could reduce the cost of the hire by letting them keep the Champagne.

Another way to get value from your wedding car hirer is to ask them to make more journeys. Most weddings are pretty localised affairs. The collection, ceremony and reception addresses are normally only a few miles apart. Which means that your wedding car could first drop brides maids to the venue, then the mother of the bride and then they could drive the bridal run. Many wedding car suppliers would be agreeable to this sort of scenario, and this way you are getting even more value out of your wedding car professional. One such business that does offer it’s wedding clients, multiple journeys for no extra charge is iChauffeur Weddings. iChauffeur’s Will Senior said, " We have always tried to give our wedding customers more than they might have expected with their wedding car hire. If we can do several journeys for our clients, then we will do so. "

Feel free to drive a good bargain out of your wedding car hire, but do so realistically and responsibly. No one will thank you for saving an extra £100 from your wedding car budget, if the car never turns up! Use your common sense, intuition and take your time to find a well priced, reliable and stylish wedding car for your very important day. Crunch or no credit crunch, everyone wants to go cheap, but at what expense? Learn more from London Wedding Car – Stylish wedding cars on a budget.

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